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  • 80g OF PROTEIN PER 100g

Are you following a vegan diet or experimenting with it as an athlete? We have you covered! More and more professional athletes go vegan and we have the right recovery and strength building proteins for you. Join the trend!

AMSport Vegan Protein is a vegan friendly protein product with your choice of what it is made up from!! Our protein is made from the best plant sources of protein nature has to offer.  Try our fully plant-based, all natural unflavoured protein powders free from anything artificial, just pure plant protein goodness. Neutral in taste, you can choose between pea, rice and hemp proteins.


Our pea protein is a purely plant-based, premium quality and iron-rich alternative to whey protein. It can be used in smoothies and spreads and is ideally suited to support a vegan lifestyle. Its well-balanced amino acid profile makes it easily digestible. High in BCAAs and EAAs, strength and fitness athletes use it as a valuable supplement to improve their training outcome and recovery. Pea protein enables vegans to increase their protein intake. Taken regularly, pea protein can help lose weight and prevent muscle loss.


Our rice protein is an easily digestible, premium-quality protein. Rice protein is an important component in a healthy, balanced diet and ideally suited to support a vegan lifestyle. It is gluten and lactose free and generally hypoallergenic. Rice protein provides vital nutrients and helps your body build muscle in a natural way. Our rice protein is aimed at people who deeply care about an organic, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, as well as fitness and strength athletes looking for a purely plant-based, vegan protein source.


Our hemp protein is of a particularly high-grade and easily digestible. It can be used in smoothies and shakes and is ideally suited to support a vegan lifestyle. It is gluten and lactose free and generally hypoallergenic. Hemp seeds contain all eight essential amino acids as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Hemp protein is also a great source for antioxidants and fibre.

Note for athletes: The hemp protein contains minor amounts of THC (max. 0.0002%)

We also recommend mixing two or all of our vegan proteins to create your very own high quality multi-component protein powder with favourable amino acid profiles.

More Information
Ingredients Made from a blend of proteins from 3 vegan friendly sources, this is the ideal protein supplement for those abstaining from animal products or who are avoiding them temporarily as part of their diet. As well as providing your body with the protein it needs for muscle mass gains, our vegan protein powder contains a large amount of BCAAs and EAAs and can also aid weight loss and prevent muscle damage caused by strenuous exercise. All three proteins are free of gluten and lactose and thus hypoallergenic.


Nutrition facts per 100g powder




per serving

(30g in 250ml water) 


  PEA   HEMP   RICE       PEA   HEMP   RICE  
Energy 1657kJ / 400kcal    1445kJ / 345kcal   1645kJ / 393kcal        502.5kJ / 120kcal    434kJ / 104kcal     493.5kJ / 118kcal  
Fat  8.6g   9.7g    5.1g        2.58g    2.91g    1.53g   
of which saturates  1.45g    1.7g    1.4g        0.45g    0.51g    0.42g   
Carbohydrates  2.2g    4.7g    0.1g        0.66g    1.41g    0.03g   
of which sugars  <0.5g    2.9g    <0.1g        <0.15g    0.87g    <0.03g   
Protein  80.0g    50.0g    82.8g        24.0g    15.0g    24.8g   
Fibre  2.9g    19.7g    7.5g        0.87g    5.91g    2.25g   
Salt  0.91g    0.2g    0.16g        0.27g    0.06g    0.05g   
Ash 3.8g   -   1.8g       1.14g   -   0.54g  


Amino acid profile per 100g protein
L-Alanine  2.4g    2.1g    3.7g 
L-Arginine  6.7g    6.0g    7.0g 
L-Aspartic Acid  10.8g    5.1g    8.3g 
L-Cysteine  0.52g    0.7g    1.6g 
L-Glutamic Acid  14.3g    8.6g    16.4g 
L-Glycine  3.1g    2.3g    3.8g 
L-Histidine  1.7g    1.4g    1.9g 
L-Isoleucine  3.9g    2.0g    3.9g 
L-Leucine  7.0g    3.3g    7.3g 
L-Lysine  7.2g    2.4g    3.1g 
L-Methionine  0.79g    1.1g    2.5g 
L-Phenylalanine  2.6g    2.3g    4.8g 
L-Proline  3.7g    1.8g    4.7g 
L-Serine  3.3g    2.5g    3.5g 
L-Threonine  2.5g    1.7g    2.9g 
L-Tryptophan  0.79g    0.4g    1.07g 
L-Tyrosine  0.16g    1.8g    3.3g 
L-Valine 4.2g   2.4g   5.7g
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