Weight Gainer

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3,500 grams
    • MCT OIL
  • Add 100 g powder to 400 ml low-fat milk (1.5% fat) after a workout. 100 g corresponds to 5 slightly heaped measuring spoons.

    Weight Gainer

    AM Weight Gainer is the ultimate weight gainer with its combination of fast-acting carbohydrates and high-quality protein with vitamins and minerals for optimal mass gains. It's designed for anyone looking to bulk up and increase muscle mass. Packed with over 560 calories per serving and over 38g of protein, it is the ideal protein formula to add healthy weight, mass and size, without unneeded fat.

    Thanks to its balanced mix of protein and carbohydrates, AMSPORT Weight Gainer is perfect to aid your recovery and regeneration after a hard training session.AMSPORT Weight Gainer also contains high-quality fats in the form of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) and vitamin B6, which support your natural protein metabolism.

    With its combination of 61% carbohydrates, 25% protein and 2.8% fat, it provides your muscles with AMSPORT's recommended nutrient composition to support regeneration and growth.

    Protein Blend

    One of the main reasons AM weight gainer is so effective at promoting new muscle growth is its unique protein content. The cutting-edge protein blend includes premium grade whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolsate for a fast release of nutrients. For slower release it has milk protein concentrate, milk protein isolate and egg white protein. What this ultimately means is AM Weight Gainer feeds protein and amino acids to your muscles throughout the day, therefore effectively prolonging the period in which they rebuild and regrow. Furthermore the unique blend is extremely high in BCAA's and has a varied, comprehensive amino profile that's scientifically proven to accelerate muscle growth.

    Carb Blend

    Our unique carb blend comprises of Maize Starch, Waxy Maize Starch, Dextrose and Maltodextrin to provide a comprehensive release of nutrients in the exact quantities to promote gains in muscle mass. These two systems work in synergy to ensure a continued delivery of high quality nutrients to the muscles.

    Research shows that having just one single source of carbohydrate post workout is inefficient at replenishing muscle glycogen levels due to fact the body is unable to absorb such high levels of just one carbohydrate. However, the multi release carbohydrate blend found in AM Weight Gainer, is able to restore muscle glycogen efficiently and kick start the recovery process.

    We have also  MCT Oil which is a fatty acid that has been shown to create a calories surplus which is conducive to promoting muscular hypertrophy.

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