Fast Hydration - Electrolyte Tabs

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    • 20 TABS PER TUBE
  • Dissolve 1 effervescent tablet in 300ml to 500ml mineral water.


    Our Electrolytes

    AMSPORT® Electrolyte effervescent tablets provide you with important electrolytes, which are mainly lost through sweat. Our special recipe and dosage is based on our experience with many World Champion and Olympic athletes who perform all around the world coping with all climates in fitness and competitive sports.

    The effervescent tablets are sugar-free and thus fit into any nutritional requirements you may need. Dissolved in mineral water, they allow you to support your electrolyte and fluid balance without adding sugar.

    Maintain Hydration Levels

    Everyone loses a differnt amount of fluid via sweat during exercise, no one size fits all. You can calculate your individual sweat rate by using the equation below, you will gain a good idea of how much to drink per hour of exercise.

    Sweat loss = (body weight before exercise – body weight after exercise) + amount of fluid intake during exercise

    From sweating you lose important electrolytes. Your body needs electrolytes for different metabolic processes. Fluid balance and muscle cramps, physical and mental decline in performance can be deficiency symptoms. AMSPORT® Electrolyte effervescent tablets will go a long way to stopping this

    Fast Hydration - Electrolyte Tabs

    AM Electrolyte Tabs are the ultimate zero calorie sports drink to rehydrate you. It is a cutting edge and scientifically based formula which was developed with Liverpool FC to ensure their players stay hydrated to perform their best.

    Our products are used by athletes all over the world. More specifically, AMSPORT as a brand has fuelled over 100 Olympic medals. 



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