AMSPORT® Casein Protein Powder

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  • Shake especially for endurance sports
  • anti-catabolic effect
  • Slow-release effect
  • for lasting performance
  • regeneration
  • 900g


Product information "AMSPORT® Casein"

The AMSPORT ®  100% casein protein with the "slow release effect" has been specially developed for the regeneration of the muscles. 

The micellar casein is an optimal source of amino acids and nutrients for a longer period of time - for example overnight.

Since the body, as a rule, receives no nutrient supply overnight, it can draw on casein ideally and the muscles can regenerate. 
The AMSPORT ® 100% casein protein is particularly interesting for endurance athletes who need a protein with a good anti-catabolic effect (counteracting protein breakdown), but at the same time want an optimal ratio of body weight to strength (no mass gain). 

At maximum load, a combination of whey protein and casein also makes sense. 

We recommend a shake of our AMSPORT ® immediately after the load 100% whey isolates.
Before going to bed, a shake of our AMSPORT ®  100% casein is suitable .