Amino Electrolyte Matrix

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  • Add scoop [12.5g of powder] to be dissolved in water per day, before during and between workouts


Our new product was developed for Liverpool FC to help them recover faster than other products they have used in the past. This innovative product combines the benefits of amino acids and Electrolytes in our unique formula. As always, we have used only premium quality raw materials. In cooperation with the fitness experts of Tools for success, we have developed the new AMSPORT AMINO ELECTROLYTE MATRIX. You want to prepare your body for a training session, keep it performing longer in training and specifically support recovery and muscle building processes after training. Our Amino Electrolyte Matrix provides you with the nutrition that is of the utmost importance for your physical and mental performance. Dissolved in water, you simply supply your body with additional liquid.

Our Electrolyte mix provides you with important electrolytes, which are mainly lost through sweat. Our special recipe and dosage is based on our experience with many World Champion and Olympic athletes who perform all around the world coping with all climates in fitness and competitive sports.

This product is sugar-free and can fit into any nutritional requirements you may need. Dissolved in mineral water, they allow you to support your electrolyte and fluid balance without adding sugar

All our aminos are sourced from quality beef born in Switzerland. Amino acids are important for the energy metabolism, for the generation of energy, the muscle building, the cell protection and the immune system. We have created an optimal mix of essential and nonessential amino acids.

L-Leucin 15.600 mg 1.950 mg, L-Glutamin 10.800 mg 1.350 mg, L-Isoleucin 9.400 mg 1.175 mg, L-Valin 9.400 mg 1.175 mg, L-Lysin-Hydrochlorid 7.500 mg 938 mg • davon L-Lysin 6.000 mg 750 mg, L-Threonin 4.700 mg 585 mg, L-Cystein-Hydrochlorid 3.516 mg 440 mg • davon L-Cystein 2.700 mg 338 mg, L-Histidin 3.500 mg 438 mg, L-Methionin 2.100 mg 263 mg, L-Phenylalanin 1.500 mg 188 mg, L-Tyrosin 1.500 mg 188 mg, L-Tryptoph 1.500 mg 188 mg

The mix of amino acids and electrolytes dissolved in water is quick and easy for the body to use, making it so valuable in all phases of the workout (before and after).

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