AMSPORT ® was founded by World Champion, Nutritionist and Doctor Mark Warnecke. Below is the story of why the brand was started in his own words.

The sports nutrition brand AMSPORT® was created by chance. It's the result of my own comeback program as a swimmer. At the age of 35, I once again won a world championship title and am still the oldest swimming world champion ever. As part of my comeback program, I inter alia questioned my nutritional methods and came to the conclusion that I had to change something fundamentally here. I developed a tailored diet program and an amino acid supplement that should support my development program and my performance. The success proved me right and generated so much attention that not only competitive athletes came to me and were interested in the diet program and the amino acid preparation. 

The original amino acid prep, AMSport Amino Acids, is now in the 8th evolutionary stage. The AMSPORT assortment has grown steadily and continues to evolve on the premise that the needs are taken into account by recreational athletes as well as competitive athletes. Raw materials of the highest quality and optimal recipes are a matter of course for us. Since we care for a lot of competitive athletes with our products and nutritional recommendations, our products are free of doping substances. Quality made in Germany. 

For many years many Olympic and world champions have relied on AMSPORT ® .
That makes us proud and shows us that our way to absolute quality and competence is the right one. Why should you settle for less?