Perform Better with Magnesium

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Perform Better with Magnesium

Knowing what to look out for is the key to understanding if your body is suffering from a deficiency in magnesium.

Feelings of weakness in your joints coupled with bouts of hyperactivity or short peaks of energy is a further sign that your body is craving more magnesium.

Struggling to drift off to sleep can also be another indication, and feelings of anxiousness around personal or work life can be heightened by those in a deficient state.

The subtle nature which lacking in magnesium can strike means that many people suffer unnecessarily for years and blame other environmental factors before realising that one simple change is all that was necessary.


Magnesium the mineral

If looking at the above symptoms make you think nearly everybody must be magnesium deficient, then you wouldn’t be too far wrong.   Experts estimate that 75 per cent of the USA are deficient, of which 20 per cent are significantly below. 

That means up to 80 per cent of people are living with the unnecessary effects of being deprived of the mineral.

And thats just for the general population. For athletes battling to improve their stats, the numbers can be much higher.

Athletes need magnesium to sustain the balance of their bodies while training.  Magnesium is vital to over 300 chemical processes in the body including nerve function, muscle concentration and relaxation, blood pressure regulation and energy metabolism.

When your body is sufficient in magnesium it can operate at 100 per cent. When your body is deprived of this essential mineral, it can create long lasting and painful problems.

Fatigue, muscle cramps and lowered immunity, while caused and influenced by a complex web of factors, could be changed by a simple increase in magnesium.

Magnesium is a mineral, and minerals are the building blocks on which vitamins rely upon. Chemical fertilisers now used in farms across the world has led to depletion of minerals in diets naturally, so we at AM Sport knew something had to be done


How to combat magnesium deficiency

Changing your diet can have a massive impact and adding something as simple as AM Sport liquid Magnesium can help athletes in their overall health.

Taking magnesium in a liquid form not only leads to speedier absorption, it also ensures your body is able to digest it fully. 

Magnesium pills lack the immediacy and mean that the product passes through the body of the athlete before having a sufficient impact, leaving the body through urine before tackling and improving the areas most needed.

Am Sport liquid Magnesium is a natural supplement for the mineral and was designed for athletes needing extra shots of the mineral to reduce the accumulation of lactic acids that drains the body of energy and increases the belief that fatigue will hamper your ability.

Magnesium not only prevents tiredness but is a crucial ingredient in the production of energy and is a product as much for the health conscious general public as for sportsmen. 

AM Sport also had sportsmen and women training in hot and humid environments in mind during the production of the liquid shot, where magnesium is often lost through sweat and as dehydration sets in.

Naturally made, AM Sport liquid Magnesium should be taken alongside a diet rich in pumpkin seeds, nuts, spinach and rice to improve concentration and performance in everyday life as well as in the gym.

A few simple changes can lower your stress levels, banish joint aches and increase energy while combating the emotional stress placed on athletes constantly balancing training with everyday living.

Make the first step to improvement by purchasing AM Sport liquid Magnesium here.