1. Stephanie Knapp

    Stephanie Knapp

    Name: Stephanie Knapp
    Age: 29
    Sport: CrossFit
    Hometown: Swindon
    Where do you train? CrossFit Swindon

    Notable competition results:
    The Rainhill Trails (Spring) 2015: 3rd place finish
    Battle of the Boxes 2015: 3rd place finish
    Pound for Pound 2015: 3rd place finish
    The British Championships 2015: 8th place finish
    Rep it Out 2015 & 2016: 2nd place finish
    The Athlete Games 2016: 23rd place finish
    The London Throwdown: 1st place finish
    Southwest Weightlifting Open: 2nd place finish

    Qualification for English and British Weightlifting Championships 2017 – 63kg Cat
    Biggest ambition?
    To compete in the Meridian Regionals
    Proudest moment?
    My proudest moment was competition in my first CrossFit competition – The Athlete Games 2015. It was a big moment for me as it was my first every sporting competition since my school days
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  2. Jo Dudley

    Jo Dudley

    I started crossfit and very quickly I became hooked to the sport, my first big individual competition was battle of London which I loved.

    I've competed in many competitions strength and depth,battle of Britain, Wild West and more. 2 years ago to date I had ACL Surgery in my left knee I tore my ACL doing a qualifier for strength and depth and was heart breaking all this training I had done took away from me - I concentrated on upper body and gymnastics post surgery and hobbled straight back to the box after surgery 6 days later. This made me a stronger and more determined athlete my rehab was tough but James jowsey from crossfit 3D movement and biomechanics specialist took me through my rehab and I competed in a team comp Wild West 3 months after. I still see James to keep up and get my body moving and functioning the best it can.

    I'm competing this weekend at Wild West first competition of the season and I'm excited for this. Team of 3 same sex if you guys are

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  3. Pete Howe

    Pete Howe

    Pete Howe is a Fitness and Performance Nutrition Coach with over 20 years of experience in sports performance, wellness and body transformation.

    An ex-Royal Marine, Pete spent 14 years as a PTI and undertook a number of tours with the elite Special Forces. Following his retirement, Pete spent a number of years as a PT and bodyguard, working with a number of foreign Royal Families and celebrities including Elton John.

    In 2008, while working with the US Navy Seals, Pete was introduced to CrossFit and in 2010 he opened his own CrossFit gym, CrossFit Taunton. Pete has competed nationally in a number of high profile competitions and trains his own CrossFit Taunton athletes, many of whom also compete in various Uk competitions.

    Pete’s wide and varied sporting career spans a number of decades and has seen him compete for Team GB in bobsleigh, as well as representing England at rugby league. His vast knowledge of the health and fitness industry, coupled with his enth

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