1. AMSport UK shaping up for growth in new markets with Back2Fitness partnership

    AMSport UK shaping up for growth in new markets with Back2Fitness partnership

    Reading, UK - October 11th 2017 - AMSport UK and Back2Fitness, the fitness programme co-founded by England’s 2003 Rugby World Cup winner Neil Back MBE, have announced a new partnership that will see AMSport selling Back2Fitness branded products and bundles through each company’s online store.

    AMSport have worked closely with Nutritional Director Jack Baker to produce a variety of bundles specifically designed to work in tandem with the Back2Fitness programme and help their customers see bigger, faster gains.

    Sam Yassin, Co-founder of Back2Fitness, said:
    “We know that the world of nutritional supplements can be complex, confusing and sometimes downright conflicting, with some inferior products out there that simply do not deliver on their promises and include unwanted ingredients. This is why we have partnered with sports nutrition experts AMSport® to create our very own Back2Fitness supplement packages. We believe our training and nutrition pro

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  2. AMSport UK builds its athletics support with new KitBrix partnership

    AMSport UK builds its athletics support with new KitBrix partnership

    Reading, UK - September 8th, 2017 - AMSport UK today announced it has partnered with KitBrix to supply their Obstacle Course Race (OCR) team. This partnership will provide all members of Team KitBrix with supplements, ergogenic aids, and nutritional support to further improve the efficacy of the KitBrix training program.

    Within OCR, athlete needs are multifaceted and diverse, with differing endurance and strength priorities depending upon the race or event. AMSport’s support will help Team KitBrix to continue to fight for victories on the Elite OCR circuit while also providing Elite UK OCR Champion Conor Hancock with a professional nutrition and training plan, which will be delivered by Glen Thurgood and The Training Shed.

    Robert Aldous, KitBrix Founder & Director, said:
    "We are delighted to welcome AMSport into the OCR world and it is a decision that was based on the right products for the right team at the right time. Team KitBrix have wi

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  3. Fuelling Your Second Wind

    At some point during training we’ve all had moments where we’re ready to throw in the towel and give up for the day. Sometimes stopping early is a good thing as it can help us avoid injuring ourselves from over exertion but at other times we need to push past the fatigue and the aching muscles and push ourselves further than feels possible. If you’ve ever done that, you’ve probably experienced the phenomenon known as the second wind.

    This new burst of energy, right when your body is feeling at its weakest, can be as confusing as it is welcome to athletes who aren’t sure what causes it. For a lot of people it’s unpredictable, it might come at the second kilometer of a half marathon or it might be the last push that carries you over the finish line. Sometimes it might not come at all. Understanding what powers your second wind and how to fuel it can help you get the most out of your training sessions, or give you an edge when it’s time to compete.

    When you first st

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